3 Ways To Work With A Slip And Fall Attorney To Help Your Business

Few things are worse than learning that a customer has slipped and fallen in your store. In addition to being concerned about their health and well-being, you also have to think about what it could do for employee morale — and how any lawsuit that is filed could impact your bottom line. Fortunately, slip and fall attorneys can help with consultations to help you to prevent problems. Here are three reasons you should work with a lawyer to talk about slip and fall accidents.

1. Avoid Liabilities

Do you have areas where spills or slippery substances like flour tend to fall on the floor? Is the flooring in your business naturally slippery and prone to traction problems? While it can be hard to spot these types of issues on your own, slip and fall attorneys could help you to find them in no time. Because these attorneys have represented others who have filed slip and fall lawsuits, they may be able to help you to narrow down areas that are prone to problems, which could help you to avoid issues down the road.

During store walk-throughs with your slip and fall attorney, it is important to take notes and address discovered concerns as soon as possible. Make changes as soon as possible, even if that change is to put up a sign, rope off an area, or turn off the water to a source that keeps spilling onto the floor. 

2. Spot Workflow Problems

Issues with your business's workflow could also cause an uptick in slip and fall accidents, and a lawyer may be able to spot these issues. For instance, if you run a grocery store and employees in the meat area don't have the appropriate equipment to drain and handle incoming meat packages, there could be a problem with slippery substances falling onto the floor. By working with an experienced attorney, you can find these issues and make adjustments to the way things are handled to protect your employees — and your finances. 

3. Create A Better Security System

Gaps in your security system coverage can also present problems, since it could make it possible for someone to say they had a slip and fall accident, without allowing you to review footage and prove it didn't happen. Make sure that your attorney has access to your security system, and review the footage to make sure that you can see your entire store.

If you are concerned about slip and fall accidents in your place of business, turn to an attorney as soon as possible. Reinforcing your business is essential during downtimes, such as during closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. By being prepared, you can pave the way for a safer opening when you do start operations again.

For more information, contact a slip and fall attorney.