Motorcyclists Might Be Entitled To Compensation For Poor Road Design

In some cases, the design of a road leaves some motorists with no chance. If you crashed with your motorcycle due to how the city designed the roads, you may be wondering who will pay for your medical bills and time off from work. Fortunately, with the help of a motorcycle attorney, municipal bodies can be held responsible for ignoring road designs that have lead to accidents.

Road Engineers Sometimes Make Mistakes

A road engineer might not have realized that the position of the road may make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. The poor road design might not have been a problem in the past but when the town experiences a population boom traffic accidents might become much more common. Constructing a well-designed road is not easy but municipal leaders are responsible for making sure that roads are safe for the community.

Road Signs

When roads are unsafe, municipalities are also responsible for posting signs designed to warn motorists of dangerous roads. However, these signs are sometimes not placed promptly and are occasionally not posted at all. A motorcycle accident attorney can investigate how much time passed without a necessary road sign being put up.

Lighting and Drainage

Roads need to be lit properly or motorists may be unable to see road hazards or parked cars. Also, the roads need to be properly drained because water on the road can hide defects that could lead to motorcycle accidents.

Poor Road Design and Risks to Motorists

A poorly designed road is much more likely to affect a motorcyclist because a motorcyclist is more likely to lose control of his motorcycle. A motorcycle relies more so than a car on the road surface being solid and having low friction because the motorcycle only has two wheels. 

These two points of contact are necessary for the motorcyclist to be able to maneuver effectively and the surface area where the tire touches the road is much smaller. Because of the unique risks that motorcyclists face, it's important to hire a motorcycle attorney when you have an accident caused by poor road design. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can sue the city if you are injured due to their negligence. There is usually a specific process you must follow and there is a much shorter statute of limitations. You may also only be eligible for economic damages. But if you want to pursue litigation against the city, contact a motorcycle attorney, like Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers, as soon as possible.