How A Logging Truck Can Cause A Catastrophic Accident

Logging trucks are large and heavy vehicles that transport heavy cargo. Given the size of these vehicles, they can be hazards to anyone else on the road. While some logging truck operators are responsible and hardworking, others may abuse substances to be able to cope with long trips, and others may simply be negligent. Therefore, you'll need help from an experienced truck accident attorney to help you with this case.

Why Logging Trucks Are Much More Dangerous

Logging trucks have a much higher roll-over rate. Some drivers, to avoid accidents, overcompensate and may suffer accidents as a result. Also, logging truck drivers are often expected to drive for long hours without a break. This can lead to the driver making a mistake or even falling asleep behind the wheel. A truck accident attorney will investigate whether this occurred and will use this fact when helping you seek compensation for your injuries.

Improper Loading

Some loggers will not properly load their trucks. This can lead to the logs falling off the back of the truck and injuring the motorist. Also, the improper loading of a truck can lead to it sliding on the road. However, you must work with your truck accident attorney to prove that the truck was not properly loaded by using witness testimony. 

Lack of Training

When a logging driver is not properly trained, this will increase the risk that they will make mistakes that could lead to catastrophic accidents. If you are injured as a result of this type of trucking accident, not only will you be eligible for compensation for your injuries, but you may be able to sue the employer for other damages as well. 

Employers are responsible for hiring logging drivers who do not have a past history of accidents. Also, a logging job should ideally only be handled by an experienced and well-trained driver. 

Improper Maintenance

If the reflectors on the logging truck become damaged or defective, the driver will be more likely to be involved in an accident. This creates a dangerous situation at night. Also, a failure to maintain the brakes can lead to the driver being incapable of stopping in time, and this can lead to your vehicle being rear-ended by the truck driver. Once you determine who is liable for the truck accident, you can then begin the process of seeking compensation for your injuries from the other party's insurance provider.

To learn more, contact a truck accident attorney.