How High Winds Factor Into A Car Accident Legal Case

Cars are pretty heavy and sturdy. However, in high winds, cars and even commercial trucks can be affected by the winds. This can lead to these vehicles being blown into each other. After this type of accident, you might be left wondering who might be at fault and you should consider speaking with a car accident lawyer.

Steps to Take After the Accident

High winds can cause cars to be much more difficult to control. They can hurl debris and can also cause some cars to even tilt over. If you are driving in high winds, you may immediately notice that your vehicle is more difficult to control.

Immediately after the accident, you will want to survey the area to make sure that it is safe. Examine any damage and inspect your car to see what type of damage it has suffered. If you feel too injured to do this, you will want to simply wait until emergency help arrives.

Liability with High Wind Accidents

In many cases, the defendant will want to argue that the damages caused by the high wind accident are an act of God. However, all motorists are expected to drive safely in high winds. It's dangerous to drive high-profile vehicles, such as trucks, during days of high wind. Drivers are also expected to drive more slowly, stay alert, and give other drivers on the road extra space. For failing to drive safely on the road, a motorist might be held responsible for for the accident. 

Insurance Denial

Unfortunately, insurance providers will often try to deny a claim if they believe that the accident was an act of God, whether it be your insurance provider or the provider of the other driver. Fortunately, you can challenge a claim denial with the help of a car accident attorney. You will need to gather plenty of evidence to prove that the accident was the fault of the other motorist including photographs, witness statements, police reports, and your own account of everything that happened. 

To receive compensation for your injuries from the other party, you must prove that the party was negligent and that you suffered damage as a result of the accident, including any physical injuries and any damage done to your car. You'll need to consider any lost wages you have suffered in addition to pain and suffering. Then, you will need to calculate all of these damages as you seek compensation for your injuries. Reach out to a car accident lawyer to discuss your case.