Drunk Driving Accident? You May Have A Car Accident Case

Drunk drivers harm innocent victims every day. In some cases, these drivers cause property damage and leave you with medical bills to pay. This isn't fun, and you don't deserve to be in the position where you have to pay for all of these injuries.

So, what's the result? You may have a strong personal injury case on your hands. Here's what you need to know before you hire a car accident lawyer.

Will Drunk Driving Make Your Personal Injury Case Easier?

In some cases, a drunk driving conviction could make your case easier. Still, this doesn't necessarily mean that an individual will be held liable for your injuries simply because you bring your case to court. You still need to make a strong case in the courtroom, which is where an attorney will come in.

Additionally, some personal injury cases are held before a criminal court case is even in the works. This means you might be trying to make a claim of drunk driving before the court has even found the individual guilty. This can complicate matters a bit, but it does not have to deter your case.

What Injuries Can You Recover Compensation For?

You can pursue compensation for a variety of injuries you experience as a result of a drunk driving accident. For example, you might sue after you experience bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, organ damage, and more.

Physical injuries to your person are not the only types of injuries you can recover. You can also pursue damages on the basis of personal property damage, emotional pain and suffering, and lost wages. You can add anything you have lost to the value of your case. Your lawyer will help you determine what you need to recover compensation for.

Why Should You Act Now?

If you are pursuing a personal injury case, you should act as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you are within the statute of limitations and that evidence collection is easier than if you wait too long.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Even if the individual who caused your accident was convicted of drunk driving after the accident, you may still need to hire a car accident lawyer. While it is not a legal requirement, hiring a lawyer may be in your best interest. Your lawyer fights for you, and a professional will ensure you are not forgotten after the accident.  

Contact a car accident lawyer in your area to learn more.