What Information Should You Bring With You When Working With a Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

After being injured at work, you might have thought that you would be able to count on your employer's workers' compensation insurance to cover you. However, your claim might have been flat-out denied, or perhaps you are simply concerned about making sure that your claim goes through. In either case, hiring a workers' compensation lawyer can be a good way to protect yourself. If you have scheduled a meeting with a workers' compensation lawyer, then you may want to make sure that you bring along all of the information below so that your lawyer will be prepared to properly evaluate and handle your case.

Details About What Happened

Of course, your workers' compensation lawyer is going to want to know more about what happened when you were injured at work. It's a good idea to write everything down while it's fresh in your mind. Having everything written down can help you ensure that you provide a factual account of the accident without missing any details.

Contact Information for Witnesses

If any of your co-workers were around when you were injured on the job, or if you have any other witnesses, you should gather their contact information and share it with your lawyer.

Information About Your Workplace

You should tell your workers' compensation lawyer all of the basic information about the company that you work for, such as the name of the company and the type of work that you do. If you were working off-site, you should provide the address and information about where you were working when you were injured.

Documentation of Your Injuries

If you have pictures of any visible injuries that you sustained, you should bring them along. All medical paperwork that you have received from the hospital or your doctor's office should be brought along. Additionally, medical bills that you have received should be provided. You may also need to sign a form that gives your doctor permission to disclose information about your injury to your lawyer.

Proof of Your Income

You will probably be fighting to be paid for lost wages due to your inability to work while you're healing from your workplace injury. You should provide proof of your income to your workers' compensation lawyer, along with information about how long you have been out of work and how long you expect to be out of work.

Information About Your Claim Denial

The main reason why you might have contacted a workers' compensation lawyer in the first place could be that your workers' compensation claim has been denied. If this is the case, then you should present any paperwork or other information that you have received about your claim denial when you meet with your lawyer.